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Home > Daily News > Aage Hempel & E3 Systems Sign New Strategic Co-Operation Agreement For The Marine Market

Aage Hempel & E3 Systems Sign New Strategic Co-Operation Agreement For The Marine Market

Sister companies from grupoarbulu – one of the world’s leading independent marine electronics groups – agree to share resources and enhance service offering.

e3 Systems and Aage Hempel are pleased to announce the signing of a new strategic co-operation agreement taking advantage of both companies’ strengths in the yacht and commercial marine markets, further enhancing our capabilities to elevate customer satisfaction and experience.

The agreement was signed on 8 May, 2019, at e3’s HQ in Mallorca, by e3 Group Managing Director, Roger Horner and Aage Hempel Group Managing Director, Ioannis Papaefthymiou.

Commenting on the co-operation agreement, Roger Horner said: “e3 and Aage Hempel have much to offer each other and wherever there is an opportunity, we will be working together to promote services and share resources. Initially this will mean offering our communication solutions into the commercial ship and ferry markets. We are very much looking forward to forming stronger ties over the coming months.”

Ioannis Papaefthymiou commented: “Our role is to empower shipowners to focus on the job of efficiently running ships without having to become troubleshooting experts for various navcom and data connectivity solutions. Our offering has evolved to completely remove this burden from vessel operators, by providing support infrastructure tools to enable the smart operation of navcom and data connectivity technology in the shipping industry. Our scale, high quality of service, cost optimisation and efficiency are the strengths that elevate our companies above the crowd.” 

Global leaders
Both Aage Hempel and e3 are part of grupoarbulu, a group of companies specialized in the field of marine electronics and satellite communications. grupoarbulu’s goal is to be a leading independent stakeholder in the global marine electronics market and to become a true-life cycle management partner to all our customers. The group is focused on exceeding customer expectations and is dedicated to creating smart solutions with an unrivalled competitive advantage.

Palma de Mallorca – 16 May, 2019