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A Mallorca Legend – Gone But Never To Be Forgotten

In September this year, the Island sadly lost a legend, Nick Tringham.

Nick was born in London but grew up near Woodbridge in Suffolk and was educated at Greshams Public School in Norfolk. Nick’s love of sailing started as a young boy when he was taught to sail by his Uncle Douglas in Scotland.


After studying catering at the London School of Hostelry, he got a job on the oil-rigs off Lowestoft and later, the Persian gulf. Nick then went on to become a Chef at the Bull Hotel back in Woodbridge.


During this time, Nick followed his passion for sailing, racing Dragons on the River Deben and at Aldeburgh. Nick loved music and played the guitar on the Folk Scene of the day. He also played the piano and enjoyed listening to classical music.

Nick Tringham Pinmar

Johanne, his loving wife, said “Nick´s four loves were sailing, music, cooking and me but I’m not sure in which order!”


Nick decided to take off on yachts and landed his first job in Florida on Blue Jacket of Hamble. He quickly progressed to the position of Mate and later Captain of Sea Star of the Hebrides III. During his yachting career Nick also worked as a Mate on Fair Lady and as a Captain on Lyndsay Jane.


When Nick met his wife, Johanne in Mallorca, he decided to make Palma his home base. He started to look for shore based work and went on to work for the companies Pinmar, Yacht Help Group, Non Stop Yachts and Teak ‘n’ It, prior to retiring earlier this year.


Sadly Nick was not able to enjoy his retirement. Johanne became ill and he devotedly nursed her but then he himself became stricken with cancer and passed away very suddenly. Nick and Johanne had recently celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary.



Mark Millward (Captain/Master Yachts )

“I first met Nick back in ’91 when he was Captain of MY Lindsay Jane and I was sent over from the UK to oversee and carry out refit works. Nick took no time in introducing me to the Club de Mar bar, the yachting fraternity and his beloved Johanne who both made my family and I more than welcome.


I recall working on the yacht one day and Nick came up and asked me for some gelcoat to be mixed so he could do some repairs to the tender. Now, being a bit of a joker I made up a hot mix, gave it to him and waited for his reaction. I didn’t have to wait long before he’s calling me all the names under the sun as the pot is crackling and smoking! Over the ensuing years the story has been recounted many times, especially after a Hierbas or two!


In the early days Nick used to enjoy the occasional game of golf and so it was that we arranged to play at Santa Ponsa one day.


This was my first experience of the Tringham’s idea of golf and with Johanne as our caddy, in a buggy of course, we set out. Halfway through the 4th hole we duly stopped for some Cava, and Salmon Sandwiches, and every other hole after that, my longest round to date but hey how decadent!


I also recall my 1st invite to Nick & Johannes renowned Xmas lunch and being introduced to the infamous 4 legged Turkey, great days, although on that occasion we’d arranged for a boxing day game of golf only for me to cry off due to having 2 broken feet sustained on my return to Club de Mar from the 10 hour lunch!


I can still see Nick arriving outside of Ian Williams’ boat Geona and falling about laughing as I came down the passarelle on all fours, I thought to myself who’s the turkey now!


I could continue with so many stories and great times we endured over the years as I’m sure most of us will be able to share later and in years to come. Suffice to say it has been an absolute pleasure to have met and known Nick over the years, a loving husband and friend too many. He will be sorely missed but never forgotten. God bless you Nick.”



Nick Entwisle (Pinmar)


“I knew Nick for nearly 30 years, firstly as a colleague on my first boat here, Astral Dancer, and as a friend ever since and then again as a colleague when Peter Allan invited him to set up Yacht Parts Mallorca which would become, along with Pinmar’s shops in Palma and Barcelona, what is today Pinmar Supply.

I have many happy memories of him but I think, like so many of his friends, I will remember him best as an exceptionally generous and thoughtful host. Who else but Nick would have served a 4 legged turkey at Christmas?”



Phil Edwards (Yacht Help Group)

Nick Tringham Yacht Help Group

“I was honoured to count Nick as one of my good friends as well as a work colleague and I was thrilled when I persuaded him to join the team at Yacht help. A respected expert in his field, he was beloved by Captains who relied on his uncanny ability to find the exact spare part they needed and his work mates who relied on Nick for his calm, unflappable enthusiasm and sense of humour. We had many challenges in those years from the weird to the wonderful, however tricky Nick would smile his trademark smile and always came up trumps!”





Kathy Alen/Kathryn Fletcher (Non Stop Yachts)


“During the few years that Nick worked with us at NonStopYacht we always got the job done and had a laugh doing it. Ever the gentleman, Nick was forever willing to help out, he was very much a calming influence in the chaos we frequently found ourselves in. I have fond memories of our times together, in the office, on the docks or in a bar. Be it a cuppa or a vino tinto, conversation was never lacking. Opinions were shared regarding yachting, F1, rugby, travel and food. Nick was a wealth of knowledge. It was during his time with us that he bought his pride and joy the classic MGB! What a day that was when he pulled up outside the office, beaming like a Cheshire cat from ear to ear. What a happy chappy! That was Nick through and through, a calm, gentle and happy man – as simple as that. I will never forget our years together. Nick your presence is missed out there. Rest in peace my friend.”




Arash Moradi-Eslami (Teak n It)


“You don’t work with someone for four years and not accumulate a lot of memories, too many to mention but my mind will always drift back to the first day I met Nick.

I was waiting for him in the French Coffee Shop, when this classic green MG pulled up. And out of the car came this bloke with a great big smile on his face and proceeded to walk towards me, as he came closer, still with this big smile on his face. “Hi, I’m Nick Tringham.” The rest is history but that was Nick in a nutshell, such a happy soul!”




Melanie Winters (Yacht Help Group/MWM Services)

Nick Tringham Palma

“I myself had the pleasure of working with Nick at Yacht Help Group. I was new to yachting, with very little experience and he quickly took me under his wing (calling me “Little One”) and taught me everything I needed to know about yacht provisioning and supply. With the patience of a saint and that cheeky grin, he always made time for you no matter what crazy things our weekly job list threw at us! Whether we were out shopping for 800 litres of milk or grabbing a beer after work in Club De Mar, we always had a laugh together and I considered him a wonderful friend and will miss him dearly.”



Our deepest condolences go out to his wife Johanne and all his family and friends.

We will all remember Nick for his lovely humour and wit, his fierce loyalty and his caring nature. He will be greatly missed by many but he will always be remembered with the greatest of respect and admiration.


RIP Nick – Fair Winds!


By Melanie Winters – MWM Services