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A Flair Of Yacht Show On The River Thames

Right in front of the Tower Bridge two brand new Mega Yachts have positioned themselves for an Abeking & Rasmussen Rendezvous. A sheer impressive backdrop; the anticipation for the Monaco Yacht Show in September is rising!

The first unexpected appearance at the Tower Bridge was made by AVIVA. With a length of almost 100m AVIVA is the biggest yacht built by the pedigree yard in Lemwerder. Only a few weeks ago she had been seen in New York. Mooring right in front of the Statue of Liberty in New York she caused quite an excitement in the yachting scene.

Then, only three days later, the recently delivered ELANDESS entered the River Thames and completed the stunning scenery with her mooring berth right opposite. Before her maiden trip to London ELANDESS had a flying visit to Norway after she was waived goodbye by the Abeking & Rasmussen staff in Lemwerder on Sunday, 1st July.

A ELANDESS holds a special feature: The sub-waterline Nemo Lounge which offers an exceptional experience for the Owners and their guests: A huge glass front allows for views to life above and below the waterline.

ELANDESS will surely be one of the most remarkable new builds at the Monaco Yacht Show 2018.


Both these yachts have been designed to be a floating home for the Owners and their families. We are sure that this won´t be the last time for these two masterpieces to reunite again in other waters of the world.