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A Detox For Every Level Of Your Being

Seán Herron, 45, is an Irish-born Transformational Breath coach who offers one-to-one breathwork sessions and workshops in Mallorca. Here he explains why connecting to our breath is the key to good health and overall wellbeing:


Did you know that through inhaling, as the breath feeds the cells of the entire body with oxygen, we obtain 80% of our energy? And then, through exhaling carbon dioxide, we discharge a massive 70% of our body’s toxins.


Our breath is the most immediate source of energy and healing for our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The problem is that we are often not making the most out of it.


Most people breathe at less than 30% of their full lung capacity. Therefore, they do not have nearly as much energy as they could and are not eliminating the toxins from their body properly. This is because, in our day-to-day lives, we unknowingly limit and control the breath. When this happens repeatedly over a lifetime the quality and capacity of our natural breath becomes significantly contracted and altered.


Take a moment to notice your own breathing pattern. Do you hold your breath? Are you a chest breather? Is your breath shallow? Breathing patterns like these can leave you feeling tired, overwhelmed, irritated and anxious, leading to stress.


The great thing about the breath is that it has the unique ability to be consciously manipulated. For centuries the East has used practices like yoga, qigong and tai chi, to reap the benefits of consciously applying control to the movement of the breath. They knew that if you want to access your body’s primary life-force (chi/prana) then you have to use your breath appropriately.


Breathwork basically describes any therapy using breathing exercises with the aim of achieving greater self-awareness, an increased capacity for self-healing and improvement in mental, physical and spiritual well-being. In the 70s, the pioneering Rebirthing Breathwork of Leonard Orr and the Holotropic Breathwork of psychiatrist Stanislav Grof led to the development of the unique techniques and methods that characterise and distinguish the various styles of breathwork today.


One of the most therapeutic and cutting-edge breathwork techniques to evolve from these pioneering techniques is Transformational Breath, developed by Dr. Judith Kravitz more than 35 years ago, it has been endorsed by respected integrative medicine experts such as Deepak Chopra and Christiane Northrup and, in 2014, was awarded Best Complimentary medicine by The Institute of Complimentary Medicine. Kravitz says, “Transformational Breath is a complete self-healing system using conscious breathing to facilitate the natural healing process for all types of trauma to gain greater physical, mental and spiritual health and maintain optimal well-being.”


How does it work?


Seán will use gentle acupressure, sound vibration techniques and simple core affirmations to help you achieve and maintain a wave-like “full circular breath” pattern. Breathing in this way activates a high frequency of electromagnetic vibration throughout the body and mind. According to the scientific law of entrainment, low frequency energy patterns are raised and transformed in the presence of the higher frequency energy state. This clears blockages within the energy systems.


“One session is equivalent to about two years of psychotherapy.”

Dr Henry Smith Rohrberg (American psychotherapist)


What can I expect from a Transformational Breath session?


  • Experience deeply nourishing peace and relaxation
  • Feel completely energized
  • Move beyond whatever is standing in the way of you and your happiness
  • Let go of emotional baggage permanently and easily
  • Become aware of emotions halting your personal growth
  • Release anxiety and stress
  • Alleviate depression
  • Understand the nature of spirit
  • Open your breath and expand your life


As you can see, quite literally, when you change your breath you change your life.


Transformational Breathing is simple, safe and can be experienced anywhere.

Seán particularly likes giving breath sessions on yachts, as the fact that we are made up of 60% water means that our body’s energetic vibration will seek to harmonise with the higher frequency vibration of the ocean. Therefore, you are guaranteed to feel an intensified sense of inner peace and joy afterwards.


Get in touch with Seán for further information about one-to-one breathing sessions and workshops in Mallorca.

Seán Herron






Transformational Breath has been known to help with:

Increasing Relaxation

Energy Boosting


Body image/Weight & food issues


Lower back pain

Sleep issues



Immune system function

Heart issues

Allergies and Respiratory issues




Upcoming workshops, retreats and trainings:


Transformational Breath Seminar Training (Levels 1,2 and 3)

Sunday 25th March – Saturday 31st March, 2018

Location: Tramuntana Flow, Mallorca




3-Day Detox Retreat (with breathwork, yoga & massage – in collaboration with Raw and Vegan)

Thursday 10th – Sunday 13th May, 2018

Location: Pollenca, Mallorca


7-Day Detox Retreat (with breath sessions, yoga, meditation and sound baths)

Location: DIMA, Centre for Conscious Living, Sineu, Mallorca




3-hour Transformational Breath Workshop

Cal Reiet, Santanyi, Mallorca

Sunday 3rd July, 2018