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A Stand Against Plastic Waste: Fraser Partners CanO Water

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Fraser has recently announced a partnership with CanO Water. Read about how the yacht brokerage aims to reduce the contamination of our oceans.

Fraser Fights Back Against Plastic Pollution

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A single plastic water bottle takes around 450 years to break down into microparticles, but it never disappears entirely. With 8 million tonnes of plastic waste being deposited into the oceans each year, the contamination of our waters has reached a crisis point, with immense swathes of floating plastic not only polluting our environment, but also killing sea life and entering our food chain. With a commitment to improving the wellbeing of our oceans, the world’s leading yacht brokerage has recently announced a partnership with an innovative water company to combat the increasingly threatening problem.

It was recently announced that Fraser will work with CanO Water to reduce the consumption of plastic products on many of the vessels in the brokerage’s fleet. Much the same as landsmen, superyacht guests and crew consume immense amounts of bottled water each year, thus inadvertently contributing to the plastic problem.

CanO Water

CanO Water is a forward-thinking company that sells pure, antioxidant-rich water from the Austrian Alps. Available in spring and sparkling varieties, the water comes in packaging that is a more sustainable alternative to existing bottled water products; as the name suggests, it is packaged not in a plastic bottle, but in a resealable, well-designed aluminium can. Approximately 68% of each can derives from recycled material, thus eradicating the need to produce new plastic.

The aluminium cans made by CanO Water have the highest recycling rate of any drink product on the market. Their elegant, environmentally friendly packaging will make the product a superior fit for the superyacht market with regards to style. Not only is the product’s aesthetic more appealing, but the cans are also more convenient for use on yachts: cans are among the lightest drink containers to transport. Furthermore, CanO Water’s clever lid allows the drink to be resealed, thereby voiding objections to the impracticality of cans.

For Use at Sea

Fraser will be encouraging the yachts in its fleet to use CanO Water in place of plastic bottles wherever possible. The superyacht brokerage will also use the cans of water at major yacht shows to build its recognition as a sustainable alternative within the yachting industry. To launch the campaign and make it easy for yachts to make the switch away from plastic bottles, Fraser has teamed up with Vins Sans Frontiers to distribute CanO Water to participating yachts along the French Riviera.

The Time for Change

The move to cut down on the use of plastic makes overwhelming sense, not only to a company in the yachting industry but also to the international community. As a yacht brokerage that has specialised in the sale and charter of luxury vessels for 70 years, Fraser is taking action to maintain the health and beauty of the oceans, as matters of environmental, societal, and industrial responsibility.

This is not the brokerage’s first foray into the battle against plastic pollution, however. Earlier in 2017, Fraser partnered of the high-profile charity, Plastic Oceans, and has since been promoting plastic reduction, as well as educating Owners and crew of vessels in its fleet. Fraser recently hosted a private screening of the award-winning documentary ‘A Plastic Ocean’ at the Yacht Club de Monaco for clients. Its partnership with CanO Water is yet another development in the brokerage’s campaign to raise awareness of the impact of plastic in the superyacht industry.

CEO of Fraser, Raphael Sauleau, comments: “For the past 70 years, the oceans have provided Fraser with the fundamental resource for our industry. For us and the wider yachting industry to continue to thrive and for our clients to continue to enjoy the incredible experiences on board their yacht, we need to address the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans. Fraser’s partnership with CanO Water further demonstrates our commitment to this cause. We will be encouraging all our clients to have CanO Water on board their yachts and look forward to continuing to educate the industry and the yachting community on this important issue.”