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The day is yours, we take care of the night…

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Neptune are looking for resellers. Neptune has been a successful mattress manufacturer in the yachting industry for many years. Besides mattresses, we supply custom made slat systems, electrically adjustable sleep system and bespoke bed linen. Due to growing success, we are immediately looking for entrepreneurs who can sell our products to yacht owners in the Mediterranean area. We are looking for driven, reliable business partners who have a significant network in the yachting industry.





At Neptune we do not make any concessions when it comes to the quality of night’s rest on board. Our innovative mattresses and toppers are specifically designed for optimal support, without taking up extra space on board. Sleeping on a Neptune equals choosing for state of the art. A Neptune mattress is produced of the most comfortable and durable materials. Every mattress is supplied with high quality FR ticking fabric and a special Airflow™ border. The use of the best materials results in mattresses which offer comfort, support and ventilation of unparalleled quality. This is the start of a perfect night’s rest.


If you are interested in collaborating with an ambitious company, please send an e-mail:

Marcel Botman at info@neptune.nl or call for more information to +31 6 290 679 05.