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Katie Handyside

DHA, the fat contained within fatty fish, especially Sardines is not only a great recovery oil but is also excellent for the brain and is full of other minerals in the small bones, including calcium. To enhance more of the DHA absorption, sprinkle them with turmeric ( all the rage now days ) and curry powder and grill with coconut oil for some great saturated fats. Add some avocado and a mixed green salad , a squeeze of lemon and there you have a biohacking go to meal.



  • Turmeric is fat soluble.
  • Black pepper enhances its absorption .
  • Specifically the bioperine, changes the way the liver metabolizes and increases, the absorption life of whatever you’re eating,( keeping the goodness circulating )
  • A compound in grapefruit increases the concentration of certain compounds, caffeine being one of them.  So if you want a bigger hit with your coffee then have it with grapefruit.


Problems sleeping? Exercise has the ability to induce what’s called circadian phase shifting, and it looks like it’s just as effective as bright light.  If you do a hard exercise session you send your body the message that it is daytime and therefore reset your sleeping pattern.


Apparently, the best time of day to do your hard exercise session is between the hours of 1400 and 1800, so that afternoon break can be put to better use by doing some interval training or taking a long power walk ashore or swim.


Alternatively try 10 minute sessions spread throughout the day,.



Short effective exercise sessions :

  • Do compound or multi joint exercises. Alternate between upper and lower body. If you do not have sufficient weight or resistance then slow the exercise down and / or perform until failure.
  • Finish with a 20´all out 10´rest interval repeated 8 times. Even using this protocol once a week you can see improvements in strength and fitness.
  • Don’t keep your mobile phone in your pocket The wifi signals have scary associations with both testicular cancer and infertility
  • Limit blue light or light from computers, iPads, mobile phones, TVs and other electrical products close to bedtime – including bright bulbs. They screw up your melatonin resulting in a bad nights sleep.


Headed to Mallorca ? Book in a package of intense training sessions, starting with a body composition and fitness test , complete with a nutritional overhaul. Get yourself into ship – shape and kicking butt for the season !