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Seabin project production setup nears completion


Seabin Pty Ltd, a Palma-based start up company active in the fight against water pollution, has announced that production set up for V5 Hybrid, its first flagship product, nears completion.

The machining of the rotational moulds is currently underway with the delivery to its industrial partner expected within the next four weeks. Upon delivery of the moulds, the pre production process begins immediately.

“The team anticipates 10 days of fine-tuning before we will see the first commercially ready Seabin,” the company says in a statement.

The next step is in house tank testing before installing the pre series Seabins at the pilot partner locations for a three-month trial before commercial sales start.

In addition, the sales team at Seabin Project expect to begin pre sales orders to take place in the second month of the trial period.

The V5 Hybrid will be the first of multiple Seabin models dealing with various conditions on the water. The term “Hybrid” is also fitting with the Seabin being adaptable to multiple alternative energy options.

The team has commenced research and development into reducing the energy consumption. The unit currently requires 110V/120V for the electrical box which is then converted to power the 12V submersible water pump. Wind and solar options are an effective solution for the running of the Seabin V5 Hybrid in ideal geographical locations and the addition of a micro hydro turbine will also decrease the carbon footprint of the V5 Hybrid whilst reducing costs for the marinas who will be running the Seabins.

“The 12V submersible water pump is a highly respected brand with an outstanding reputation for quality products. The flow rate is 15,000 litres per hour whilst drawing minimum current. The expected cost of running solely on shore power is around 30 to 50 cents per day,” the company explans.

With the use of rotational moulding of the Seabins and using PE plastic, enables the option of using recycled plastic and more advanced engineering practices.

The team is trialing recycled PE plastic at the moment using 40% captured ocean plastics and 60% captured land plastics.

The goal, the company says, is to have Seabins produced from the plastics collected by the Seabins.

The woven cloth catch bag which sits inside the V5 Hybrid —easy to lift by one person even when full— is made from a durable natural fibre called Hessian or Jute and is currently capturing micro plastics down to 2mm in diameter.

Seabin is currently trialing fish deterrent technology to ensure the marine life is safe around the V5 hybrid but to date this has not been an issue.