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2020 Vision

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” Antoine de Saint-Exupéryauthor of ‘The Little Prince and hero fighter pilot who perished in World War II famously said and as we draw closer to the year 2020 it has me thinking about clarity of vision.

If ever there was a year to have a ‘2020 vision’ 2020 is it!

Thinking about when we are in our element, and which personality traits* we tend to favour, we will approach this differently.

  • Some of us love to visualise, create a vision board, dream and hope.
  • Some prefer logical planning and strategic direction with review dates and measures.
  • There are the ‘don’t waste time planning and talking about it, just do it!’ supporters
  • And those who say ‘whatever we want to achieve will only be achieved if we collaborate and support one another’.

I honestly believe that if we were better able to combine the force of all four, we would get more done.

So, here’s a little something you could try in December or January to ensure that your vision for 2020 is crystal clear.

  1. Establish 3 BIG GOALS that you would like to achieve professionally and/or personally. If you do more than you planned, great! But I believe in focus and too many goals can begin to feel insurmountable and affect our motivation and ability to get started. If you get half way through the year and you have achieved most or all that you set out to, just create new goals to replace those you have achieved…
  2. Create vision boards for each.

Vision boards are a great way to focus on what you want. You will have heard of the power of intention? If not, google it. I’m sure that it works because when we have absolute focus on the thing we want we are unconsciously making decisions and choices which drive us towards that goal.

Use magazine cut outs, draw things and write things which represent what the ‘achieved goal’ looks like. Stick it on a piece of card and keep it in your cabin or somewhere that you will see it daily.














  1. Establish steps and stages and write down:


  • WHAT exactly you want to do/achieve – be as clear as you can with yourself.
  • HOW you will know it has been done/achieved (the measure of success)
  • WHEN you want to have done or achieved it by! Be specific – we tend to make the task fit the time, so keep it a stretch but not a stress time frame.


  1. Consider who you might need to help you to achieve your goals.

If, like me, you are independent and potentially a little territorial, you might find it hard to ask for help. I can testify that working with others makes all the difference and helps you to commit.


  1. DO IT!

This might come easily to you and the previous points might feel like a lot of unnecessary time wasting, trust me… it’s not! Lay the foundations for success and you build something stronger and more sustainable.



Let’s all make this the year that we achieve our very own 2020 vision!


Sara Ballinger


For more information, support or tips contact us through.


*if you would like to explore your own personality traits, get in touch to complete our simple assessment.