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Editorial from the boss..

Dear Islander, 

The long awaited summer heat seemed to arrive all of a sudden in early June, taking most of us by surprise. This seems to have prompted a massive increase in activity on the water which is wonderful to see.



I have been staggered to see the number of yacht transport ships bringing boats back to Palma for the Med season during May & June; I counted five in one week alone!


Last month’s main event was of course the Super Yacht Cup. These fabulous yachts never fail to impress, and the sight of 25 of the world’s finest sailing yachts really is a treat for us all. The J Class take much of the limelight, and rightly so I guess, but some of the other competing yachts are also great eye candy!


We were out in the RIB for most of the days, taking lots of photographs, and were also fortunate to be invited by Jim Acher of Bluewater Yachting to spend the Friday on board the Swan 90 “Nefertiti”, for a day’s spectating. What a great day we had too!


It seems that the powers that be who run the Palma Boatshow were happy with this year’s effort and planning is already underway for the 2015 edition. Improvements including the dredging of more of the harbour enabling more yachts to be displayed are being promised. I just wish that the show was included on the IFBSO ( International Federation of Boat Show Organisers) calendar, which would lend the show more international credibility.  Apparently, until the show has audited figures this cannot happen. It begs the question as to why the organisers are unwilling to have the figures audited. Have they something to hide? It seems ridiculous to me that Palma, a major yachting centre of the world does not have an officially accredited boatshow.


Fair winds until next month,






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